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(01:35 PM) C-Rida  -  Much Thanks GB :)
(01:27 PM) Green Bastard  -  Ok C-Rida you're all set. See you later vodka, C-Rida and Gypsy.
(01:19 PM) Green Bastard  -  Exactly.
(01:18 PM) vodka  -  not played then no use
(01:18 PM) Green Bastard  -  Thanks I will. :)
(01:17 PM) Green Bastard  -  If we get a little busier I will look into adding some more. Those games took up a lot of space and no one were really playing them so we just archived them and cleaned them off the server.
(01:17 PM) vodka  -  cool off hun spk later xxxx
(01:16 PM) Green Bastard  -  Well I'll leave ya to it. I"m off to get near a pool on this hot day again. Enjoy your evening and thanks for all your kind words and being a part of things here vodka.
(01:16 PM) vodka  -  i added over 31,000 games to a site in 2 days lol
(01:15 PM) Green Bastard  -  notworthy.gif
(01:14 PM) vodka  -  only 5 min job to add !
(01:13 PM) Green Bastard  -  I'm hoping Bronx gets those new weapons up this weekend. I keep bugging him but he's been real busy working pretty much 7 days a week and all.
(01:13 PM) vodka  -  fitting i thought
(01:12 PM) Green Bastard  -  Shitty Shandy, now that's funny.
(01:12 PM) vodka  -  @ 65 that is my 12th and last one i will build
(01:10 PM) vodka  -  when i build a site for ppl i allways put you as top Afilliate lol as they all use the shitty shandi version of attack giggles
(01:08 PM) Green Bastard  -  Thanks we appreciate it. winky.gif
(01:07 PM) vodka  -  have advertized you on another site i just finnished
(01:07 PM) Green Bastard  -  That's for sure. :)
(01:06 PM) Green Bastard  -  I'd like to see more members jump on board but I'm not forcing anyone to join or stay.
(01:06 PM) vodka  -  yep and we all get to know eachother
(01:05 PM) Green Bastard  -  Thanks vodka. We prefer quality members over quantity. :)
(01:05 PM) Green Bastard  -  Hey it's there loss we have a nice little site here and members like you are what make it a great site.
(01:04 PM) vodka  -  you dothat well hun xxx
(01:03 PM) Green Bastard  -  No biggie I just like to run a tidy site. whistling.gif

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> The Bardot Will Fly Again, Thanks to World-Class Team
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post Mar 12 2012, 11:42 PM
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The Bardot Will Fly Again, Thanks to World-Class Team

By Captain Locky MacLean
The Brigitte Bardot lay hanging from twin 500-ton cranes when I arrived in Fremantle to commence repairs on her broken wing. Crewmember Simon Ager described the gut-wrenching sound he heard in the middle of the night, a few weeks earlier, when the hull cracked under the weight of a 40-foot falling wave.

The massive impact of tons of water slamming the airborne pontoon was enough to crush the port side wing and cause structural delamination. An immediate return to port was necessary for the safety of the ship and crew. The pontoon may indeed have ripped off entirely had the crew not lashed and strapped the pontoon to the rest of the ship.

Captain Paul Watson, onboard the Steve Irwin, escorted the Bardot to the safety of Fremantle Harbor after the incident, which occurred in the "furious 50" latitudes in the Southern Ocean.

As soon as the damage had occurred and with the ship en route for Fremantle, Architect Nigel Irens assisted Sea Shepherd in finding the best team to do the repair work. Sea Shepherd was very fortunate to have the knowledge and experience of Mr. Irens, who first conceived the Brigitte Bardot, originally Adventurer, in the late 1990's in Southampton UK for a world-record breaking circumnavigation.

With the Bardot being a high performance planing multihull, repairs of such an extent were no ordinary fix-it job and a world-class team would have to be assembled. Nigel put Sea Shepherd in touch with Boatspeed Performance Sailcraft. Started by Peter and Sari Ullrich in 1986 and specializing in composite race-boat construction.

Boatspeed's first contracts were Naval Architect Ben Lexcen's designs including a number of skiffs and offshore racing yachts. They designed and built the Boatspeed 23 sport-boat class and built or reconstructed over 50 composite race yachts. Some of their builds include the vessels Brindabellas 1&2, 97, Yendys, Ragamuffin, Margaret Rintoul 5, Heaven Can Wait, Telefonica Movistar, Prudential, Nicorette, Bols and the Nigel Irens. The team designed round the world trimarans B&Q Castorama for Dame Ellen Macarthur and Sodebo for Thomas Coville. Their purpose-built facility at Somersby is acknowledged as the most advanced composite facility in the Southern Hemisphere and houses a 170’ composite oven.

Thankfully, Peter Ullrich was willing to bring his team to us, in Fremantle, and after an initial survey, shipped all necessary equipment across Australia in time for the repairs to begin. Once on land, the ship's crew arranged scaffolding and a hermetically sealed plastic structure surrounding all damaged areas, to keep any dust created by the repairs sealed in.

After shoring up the pontoon back into place, Boatspeed began cutting up the damaged pontoon and wing to get to the transverse frames and assess the extent of the damage. It is with much enthusiasm that Sea Shepherd announces that “our bird” will fly again-after major work is complete March 10th. Veteran ship's electrician and Engineer Brad Latimer, crewmember and welder Lars Steffens, and on-shore volunteers are busy prepping the rest of the ship for re-launch.

Volunteers will complete the painting of the new repaired areas and 2 x 500 ton cranes will once more lift the Brigitte Bardot into the sea for test trials in April; in time for Sea Shepherd's next campaign.

Many thanks from all of us on the repair team to all our supporters for your generous donations which will enable us to complete the repairs!

December, 28, 2011: The Brigitte Bardot faces a "Furious 50" storm
on her way to the Southern Ocean. Photo: Simon Ager
December 29, 2011: Structural damage caused by the impact
from a large wave. Photo: Simon Ager

January 1, 2012: The damaged Brigitte Bardot is assisted back to
Fremantle by the Steve Irwin while being shadowed by the Japanese
security vessel, Shonan Maru 2.

January 19, 2012: The Brigitte Bardot is lifted out of the water by
two cranes to begin repairs. Photo: Simon Ager
January 20, 2012: Two cranes lower the Brigitte Bardot into final
position for repair work to begin. Photo: Simon Ager
February 7, 2012: Crew encloses repair site with a weatherproof
wrap. Photo: Simon Ager
February 8, 2012: Weatherproof enclosure surrounding the repair
site. Photo: Simon Ager
February 11, 2012: Ben Falconer cutting into the damaged,
port-side wing. Photo: Simon Ager
February 11, 2012: Locky, Peter, and Ben closely inspect the extent of
the damage to the Brigitte Bardot. Photo: Simon Ager
February 11, 2012: Peter Ullrich andBen Falconer working on the
damaged wing of the Brigitte Bardot. Photo: Simon Ager
February 12, 2012: Cut-away of the damaged,
port-side wing. Photo: Simon Ager
February 16, 2012: Underside of damaged
wing cut-away. Photo: Simon Ager
February 20, 2012: Underside of damaged wing.
Photo: Simon Ager
March 2, 2012: Topside of damaged wing with structural braces.
March 4, 2012: Topside of damaged wing with fiberglass reinforcement.
March 6, 2012: Underside of damaged wing with repairs
nearing completion.
March 12, 2012: Topside of damaged wing with repair
nearly completed.

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