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(05:36 PM) Green Bastard  -  I just checked the Admin log and didn't see a GW registered in the past 30 hours which is roughly when the longest Registration Cue took place.
(05:33 PM) Green Bastard  -  Sorry but some people do miss that step and if they don't then get auto cleared from the validation process.
(05:31 PM) Green Bastard  -  Did he make a post?
(03:49 PM) vodka  -  Guess who said he joined but nothing
(03:49 PM) vodka  -  G W yes ?
(03:45 PM) Green Bastard  -  Time zone or location shouldn't be an issue and you can sign in from anywhere using your same user name and PW.
(03:43 PM) Green Bastard  -  Ok maybe Bronx, Apo or someone more familiar with that can help. I just take generally run the site, coder & Bronx do all the hard stuff like coding etc. :)
(02:57 PM) vodka  -  http://www.ibprobattle.com/index.php?showtopic=18940 if anyone can take a look please xxx
(02:27 PM) vodka  -  all 4 said same thing " There are problems with AOL in regristration. I only have an aol e-mail address " ? so cant join grrr
(07:54 AM) vodka  -  my times will change over the next 6months as off to check on my sons companys Dubi , Auckland , NY CITY , Kape-Town , Callone , Vancover , London , Paris then back to Birmingham , all in 6months
(07:29 AM) Green Bastard  -  Good Monday to you and we're open 24/7 no matter what your time zone. parchemin.gif
(05:55 AM) vodka  -  i do aswell we all in diff time zones so i will catch them in the end lol
(11:43 PM) Green Bastard  -  Hopefully some will join you here and we can do some fun stuff for you all.
(11:42 PM) Green Bastard  -  Thanks vodka we have a data base of games we took off because they were using a up a lot of space but like I said if there is enough demand I'm sure we can add some as needed.
(08:33 PM) vodka  -  well im bringing them over / well asked them to as avid battlers , up to them now . ps i have 32,000 games if you ever need any hun xxx
(08:05 PM) Green Bastard  -  Looks like the site is offline....
(08:04 PM) Green Bastard  -  Sad that sites still do shitty things to good, contributing members for stupid reasons.
(08:03 PM) Green Bastard  -  Hope it works out. I find it's best when you just move on. I don't choose to waste time or give anyone the satisfaction of wasting more of my time on them. You can invite them to play here and if need be we can add more to the arcade and such if there is enough demand for it.
(19/04/2015 - 10:30 AM) vodka  -  any-one want to join debbies-arcade.com or something like that and battle as i and my guild all got banned for being top how pathetic lol wish you would all join just for a few days and go battle crazy then leave xxxxx
(19/04/2015 - 10:26 AM) vodka  -  ty hun xxx
(19/04/2015 - 10:06 AM) Green Bastard  -  Wow vodka almost level 600 congrats!
(19/04/2015 - 10:02 AM) Green Bastard  -  I gather your drink of choice is rum? whistling.gif
(19/04/2015 - 09:39 AM) vodka  -  ty will do / have done ---lol lol few more drinks yet mind xxx
(19/04/2015 - 09:18 AM) Green Bastard  -  Enjoy your Sunday folks.
(18/04/2015 - 03:56 PM) Green Bastard  -  Sure is Apo. Beauty day here on the West Coast in Canada!

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> The Whalers Head Home!
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post Mar 8 2012, 10:41 AM
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The Whalers Head Home!
The Bob Barker making its way through the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Photo: Carolina A. CastroThe Japanese Whaling Fleet Leaves the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary

Operation Divine Wind is over! The Japanese whalers are going home!

The Japanese whaling fleet has left the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and they are heading home. “Once Captain Peter Hammerstedt and his crew on the Bob Barker closed in on the Nisshin Maru on March 5th, the whaling season was effectively over for the season,” said Captain Paul Watson on the Sea Shepherd flagship Steve Irwin recently returned and now berthed in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia.

Since March 1st, the Bob Barker has followed the Nisshin Maru as they headed steadily northwestward. The Japanese harpoon vessels have stopped tailing the Bob Barker. The fleet has left the waters of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, according to Captain Peter Hammarstedt. The Japanese government security vessel, Shonan Maru #2, has been spotted by fishing vessels at thirty degrees South, which is due east of Brisbane, Australia indicating that the vessel is well on its way back to Japan.

A Minke Whale swims freely, as it should, in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Photo: Billy DangerIt has been a long and difficult campaign and although handicapped by the temporary loss of the scout vessel the Brigitte Bardot, the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker were able to chase the Japanese whaling fleet for more than 17,000 miles, giving them little time to kill whales. In addition, two of the three harpoon vessels spent more time tailing the two Sea Shepherd ships than killing whales.

“The kill figures will not be released by Japan until April, but in my opinion they will not get over 50% for certain and my prediction is it will not be above 30%. Not as good as last season, but much better than all the previous years.” Said Captain Paul Watson. “It has been a successful campaign. There are hundreds of whales swimming free in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary that would now be dead if we had not been down there for the last three months. That makes us very happy indeed."

The Bob Barker will return to Hobart, Tasmania, the Brigitte Bardot is completing repairs in Fremantle, and the Steve Irwin is now berthed in Williamstown.

In December 2012, if the Japanese whaling fleet returns to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will launch Operation Cetacean Justice with four ships, two helicopters, four UAV (drones), and 120 volunteers.

“If the Japanese whalers return, Sea Shepherd will return. We are committed to the defense of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.” Said Captain Paul Watson. “No matter how long it takes, no matter how risky or expensive. The word “sanctuary” actually means something to us and that something is worth fighting for.”

The frigid Antarctic waters begin to freeze as the Bob Barker heads home. Photo: Carolina A. Castro

Visit our
Operation Divine Wind
site for information about our
2011-12 Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign

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