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(10:05 PM) Gypsy  -  and how are you ??
(10:04 PM) Gypsy  -  :D ,, i am fine thanks :) , how is the weather over your way
(10:02 PM) C-Rida  -  Okay... The denim look then LOL
(10:01 PM) C-Rida  -  I like that lacy look you stylin :)
(10:00 PM) C-Rida  -  How you been, How you doin
(09:59 PM) C-Rida  -  Hello You :)
(09:59 PM) Gypsy  -  hi GB and Crida :) , :)
(09:59 PM) C-Rida  -  3 more days and it's MONDAY!!!!
(09:58 PM) C-Rida  -  WooHoooo!!!!
(09:57 PM) Gypsy  -  yes it is :) :)
(09:37 PM) Green Bastard  -  No problem. It's a nice color I think.
(04:34 PM) Gypsy  -  Thanks for the new colour :) :)
(03:20 PM) Guess Who  -  Or if the ladies show some skin they can get anything they want....oops typed that outloud. laugh.gif
(03:19 PM) Guess Who  -  I am with you there GB. I love attention from the ladies. And of course if you bribe me with food I may do something too or with money any of the three. laugh.gif
(02:30 PM) Green Bastard  -  My dog will do anything for a treat big or small and like his owner, likes when the gals pay special attention to him. he he he
(02:27 PM) Guess Who  -  Bribery works for most dogs lol. If mine doesn't hold still I hold him upside down for about 30 seconds. Then he calms down some.
(02:26 PM) Green Bastard  -  I had the all the gals down there pamper him. Only way he'll let them do it and he doesn't mind as long as there is a treat involved. lol
(02:25 PM) Guess Who  -  It is tough to trim a dogs nails if you hit the quick of the nail it hurts the dog. With mine I have to get him to stand still for ten minutes to trim his nails lol
(02:24 PM) Guess Who  -  Meant normal visit not normal trim. Dunno know why I typed it that way the first time. And I am not even drunk. laugh.gif
(02:23 PM) Green Bastard  -  He had bear sized claws as they hadn't been done in awhile. lol
(02:23 PM) Guess Who  -  Good it was a normal trim and he got a pedicure in the process lol. I like the blue looks good to me, and Blue and green are my favorite colors. :D
(02:22 PM) Green Bastard  -  It shows well on all skins.
(02:21 PM) Green Bastard  -  Do you like the new blue for your VIP group?
(02:21 PM) Green Bastard  -  Yup and trimmed his nails. lol
(01:56 PM) Guess Who  -  Normal checkup for the mutt GB or something else? I am sure the vet was a blast lol

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